What’s that? You want to interview me? Oh, well thank you, I’m honored. 😀

– What did you learn? How do you see things differently as a result?

In this class, I came in with a lot of information about Art History, but not as it pertained to graphic design. In the end, I can really see the influences and styles of different graphic design works today and tell them apart and get a specific feel for each one of them. This is different than before, when I grouped all modern graphic design together. This is a subject that really does all tie together at the end, except for typography. I can’t say that I enjoyed that part of this class.

I also learned how to make a blog, as well as several tricks and tips to go along with it. I’m glad someone forced me in to it. (Come on! Fifty points? You’re twisting my arm!) Thanks Kent. 🙂 It’s kind of scary to think of being out there on the web, expressing personal beliefs, ideas, and memories, but it kind of feels good to share your experience in the collective knowledge of the world. I recommend it, if you’re able to not take yourself too seriously.! 🙂
– What did you not learn? Why was the class not valuable to you? How could it have been more valuable?

I feel like the textbook was not the best choice for this class. The typography sections still don’t really seem relevant to me in the context of graphic design. It was also filled with bias and a lot of things were glossed over. Examples were discussed that weren’t pictured in the book. The images included no information about materials or size, which is very helpful when picturing a work. I know a new version of this text came out in November, but I don’t know if even that version will be good enough to teach this class. Since this isn’t a widely taught class and it is a niche interest of sorts, I really think it should have an excellent textbook to go along with it.

I also believe that most students in an online class do not have the discipline to post assignments a day or more early, so the comment section for the blogs did not last as long as I would have liked, and the commenting back and forth between students was not as lively as I would have liked since many people were turning in the assignment past midnight, when not many other people are going to sit around and read and respond to comments. I think making the deadline at 11:55 P.M. or having comments due exactly one day later than the blog will really help the class to beef up the amount of discussion. I know, it’s sad but true.

– What new connections did you make regarding graphic design and the evolution of human culture?

I think that throughout the course of graphic design history that we learned, we watched society mature, develop, and become more intellectual. The people who wanted to send the message started tuning in more to what worked best for the people receiving the message. Conveying information became about legibility, the ability for viewers to quickly recognize a brand presence and understand a message.

– What new interests might you have based on what you’ve been exposed to?

I found some new favorite artists in this class. My favorite artist I discovered in this class was Alex Steinweitz. I love his design sense and his design style. He is inspiring to me. It feels like ratification of my design style and my style tastes in general.

– How will you apply what you’ve learned to experiencing life, your understanding of other disciplines, your future career?

When I work for a corporate fashion company, all of the different styles and influences I learned in this class will certainly give me more tools to achieve a certain mood and/or style for a particular brand, collection, or item.

– What is the future of graphic design?

I believe the future of graphic design has already started. Interactivity, things in a TRON-like style and definitely individual-customer-tailored advertising are things that are coming into center focus now. If I visit a fashion website online, I get scrolling ads that remind me of the items I was viewing, recommended just for me! It’s kind of creepy precise haha.


Well, I guess it’s come to the time to scroll down and view my blog! I focused on personal connections to the artwork in the book, so most of the ideas expressed in this blog carry my bias, but really what other way is there to have a personalized blog? There’s one for each of ten weeks, where I sat and thought about the lessons contained in the chapter and drew out the good bits for ya 😉 Well, at least according to me! Haha! Please enjoy. ( : Feel free to leave me a response!