Greetings! The reading this week taught about the beginnings of modern design in America. Because of the events of WWI, many European artists and intellectuals sought refuge in the United States. Once here, they continued their crafts. Although unappreciated at first, these artists were eventually able to garner the reception and understanding audience for modern art that the Armory Show had been unable to create in America back in 1913. This new wave of design started in New York with the New York School. I really appreciate the aesthetics, ingenuity, and graphic simplicity that characterize Paul Rand’s work.  Rand was overall the first initiator of the American modern graphic design trend. His work is still appreciated today. Images 19-2, 19-4, and 19-7 are some examples from our text that I particularly like.

One image that particularly drew my attention was image 19-14. It is an album

Alex Steinweiss - Cover for Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 Image Credit to

Alex Steinweiss - Cover for Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 Image Credit to

cover created by Alex Steinweiss for  Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in 1949. I really love it. It looks like a scrapbook page, I love the curling letters that look like they were drawn free hand, the colors, the scrapwork quality. Apparently Steinweiss made most of his album covers in this style. He is considered the inventor of the album cover (

I did a quick Google image search and found so many pictures-  this style of artwork is similar to mine and looks a lot like toys I had as a child, such as Ello playsets, the illustrations of the Happy Hocky Family, and the computer game Ciao Bella.