This week we got to read about some of the things I consider to be graphic design, as well as some more about modern type design. I was especially excited to get to read about Victorian typefaces, design, sentimentality, and advertisements. I really love that period in time and I feel like it is really similar to my sentimentality. I love the fanciful fonts and borders. It is like Rococo design, but more approachable. The book also mentions “scrap” collecting, or collections people made of “beautiful art bits”. I remember reading the American girl books about Samantha as a child. Although her story was based a few years later than the period covered in this chapter, a lot of the Victorian sensibilities were incorporated into her story. I loved reading about that time period. Samantha had a hatbox filled with little scrap bits that she would fashion cards and decorative pages out of. She would also cut her own scrap bits out of paper and make shapes like hearts and snowflakes.

Victorian Scrap

Some pieces of scrap. Image credit to

To this day I still have and collect bins of “beautiful art bits” and when I was younger I would scrapbook and incorporate pieces of my scraps, or make collages specifically to show off my scrap bits and pieces. These two images are from I highly recommend this blog if you are into this sort of sentimental design. There is some gorgeous eye candy there.

Victorian Scrap Book

Victorian Scrap Book. Image credit to

Additionally, the image of the title page for The Essay on Walt Whitman on page 179 looks so familiar to me I sat and searched for a long time to try and remember why but I can’t remember. If anyone knows where this image has been recently (In the last 40-30 years) please let me know. It’s bothering me.